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Strumco Air Starter Sell, Repair, And Service All brands of Air Starters, Hydraulic Starters, Spring Starters, Natural Gas And Turbine Starters, Air Motors, and Kocsis Hydraulic Accumulators, Pumps, Valves and Filters. Strumco Air Starters Home Service Center Has All The OEM Parts Needed For Remanufacturing And Servicing all Types Of Starters. Mounting Instructions, Engine And Starter Rotation, Substitute Starter Model Numbers, Starter Parts,  And Accessories, OEM Crossovers And Obsolete Or Superceded Part Numbers.


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Hydraulic Starting Systems

 Hydraulic Starting Systems Will Turn The Engine Faster Than An Air Or Electric Starter


Strumco Custom Hydraulic Starting Systems

Home Kocsis Hydraulic Starting System
  •  Strumco provides specific starting solutions for different applications.
  • Capable of starting without external power, ” Black Start ” capability
  • Starting is always possible anywhere, anytime, any conditions 
  • Starting Systems incorporates a hand pump / foot pump for unlimited manual recharging
  • At -40°C / -40°F the hydraulic starter has the same torque as at normal temperature
  • Engine driven recharge pumps recharges the Hydraulic Starting Systems for the next start
  • Fully packaged for system integrity and ease of installation
  • Internally lubricated, for longevity resulting in a long life and superior reliability.
  • Available with unlimited accumulators to determine start times
  •  Product support available from Strumco and Kocsis Hydraulic Starter engineers.

Strumco Air Starter Is Home Based Out Of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

For All Your Hydraulic Starter Needs Visit Us At http://hydraulicstarters.ca

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Strumco Air Starter PH: 780.468.0050 Email: sales@strumco.com


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