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Air Starter Components  ASC-1810FGB Air Starter


ASC-1810 FGB

ASC 1810 Model

» Features 

Simple inertia drive system – Less piping – Time tested design

  • Sealed for air or natural gas engine applications
  • Combination 4-bolt flange mount and threaded center for rigid piping
  • American Made INERTIA drive and soft engage clutch
  • High torque gear ratio: B ratio = 2.18:1.  Also available in a C gear ratio (2.53:1) Super Torque model.
  • 90-150 psi standard operating pressure
  • 12 tooth drive pinion
  • CW or CCW rotation
  • Repair Kit: ASC SS810-TK2










Strumco Air Starter offers ASC 1810FGB air starters that are more dependable and cost effective than turbine starters because they use the highest quality vane, rotor and gear ratio technology.

Turbine type air starters use delicate turbine components that are unforgiving to contaminated air. Not only are they delicate, but they are costly too ASC 1810FGB repairs are simple…whether in the field or in the shop. And, if needed our Strumco Air Starter Exchange Program is easy on the budget.

Longer Cranking Power

ASC 1810FGB gear ratios reduce starter workload and prevent starter failure in the event of hard starting engines.

High Torque Starting Power

ASC 1810FGB air starter produces more horsepower and superior torque per unit of air, and delivers faster cranking RPM for fast starts.

Engines and Drives

Capable of starting engines using either inertia friction clutch and pre-engaged drives .

Dirty Air – No Problem

ASC 1810FGB air starter vane/rotor technology has a long history as the workhorse of the industry. Turbine starters on the other hand, frequently clog with contaminated air or are damaged and shut down due to their delicate parts. Field repairs of turbine units are virtually impossible. Vane repair kits are easy to install and economical.

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