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Kineteco Spring Starters

Kineteco Spring Engine Starters Available at Strumco Air Starter

Kineteco Spring engine starters use elastic potential energy stored in a series of spring to start engines. These springs are

compressed manually using a handle on the front of the starter, giving the spring elestic potential energy. This energy is then

released and converted into rotation, starting the engine. Kineteco Spring starters are best suited for smaller engines, due to their low

energy output. Kineteco Spring starters are also good for "black start" as they are started manually. Available at Strumco Air Starter


     Spring Starter

                   Spring Starter Assembly                                                                                             Click for Video Demo

The Kineteco Spring Starter has been in use for over 30 years with over 30,000 mechanical starters in service Worldwide. Kineteco Spring starters are 100% mechanical starters, and do not require electricity, compressed air or hydraulic pressure. They use energy stored in a high-tech, spring pack that is manually recharged. Spring Starters are equivalent to a 5 hp electric starter.

By installing a Kineteco Mechanical Starter, the need for batteries, alternators, regulators and wiring is eliminated. If electrical power is required, a simple conversion kit is available to add to an existing alternator or a self exciting alternator can be used.

Kineteco Spring Starters are used in many industrial, marine and agricultural applications especially in remote and hazardous locations (Llyod’s Register Approved for hazardous locations).Contact Strumco Air Starter at 780.468.0050 for more Information.

                                      Spring Starter Installed on a Man Engine

                                      Spring Starter Install

                                      Spring Starter On A Cummins 6BT

Spring Starter


Capable of starting engines up to 15 litres, Kineteco spring starters available at Strumco Air Starter are compatible with a huge variety of different engines used in many diverse applications, from emergency generators, lifeboats, irrigation pumps to oil rigs and hazardous environments where electric starting is prohibited because of the potential for sparks to cause an explosion.

Kineteco spring starters Available at Strumco Air Starter have a proven track record – the classic Simms range has been starting diesel engines in the most testing of conditions or nearly 40 years now. Our latest spring starters provide a simple and mostly lighter and lower cost alternative Spring Starters are available for direct injection engines up to 15 litres aprox. and on indirect injection engines, usually of a smaller size. Available at Strumco Air Starter

  Range Description Applications Simms S, HS  Traditional all-steel spring starter with disc springs on a ball screw wound by a detachable handle, set and tripped by hand. Formerly made by Lucas/CAV Heavy duty starter commonly specified for mining, oil rig and merchant marine use. Used on a wide range of engines up to 8L or more, with a terrific 40 year track record. Z-drives, SZ, SZH Unique Z-drive spring starters, steel or composite bodied, cord or crank wound. Variable gearing and positioning of body. Range of powerpacks – the largest starts 15L engines. When there is no room for a standard starter or it is not powerful enough, use the Z-drive. A wide range of configurations to start more engines than ever before. Simms Stubby SM Short steel bodied starter with Simms nosepiece, energised by a Powerspring, crank wound. Shorter, lower price alternative to most Simms SS and SR starters. For tough applications where space or length is a problem

Spring Starter







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Starter Specifications

Simms S, HS



Simms Stubby SM

Simms SZ   SZH2


Check Procedures

Simms Starters   SZ Starters



Installation and Operating Guides

Simms H/SS and H/SR   Simms SMS/R and SZS/R   SZH2


Simms H/SS-E





Storage / Laying up Instructions for Kineteco Spring Starters

To maintain reliability and to ensure your Kineteco spring starter functions as designed it should be protected from corrosive environments and impact damage when not installed on an engine. The following guidelines should be followed:-

Ensure that the starter is unwound before placing in storage.

  1. Store the starter in a dry location away from water spray and flood risks, preferably in a water tight box, bag or container.
  2. Coat the starter and especially the exposed pinion and shaft in a light grease, waxoyl or similar wax based rust inhibitor. Note: – composite bodied starters only require the metallic parts to be coated.
  3. Ensure that the starter is stored securely avoiding any possibility of it falling on or rolling into any solid object which may cause damage to the operating levers, housings or controls.
  4. Keep operating handle and instructions with starter.
  5. If a crank wound starter is flooded with water, remove plastic cap opposite winding handle and drain thoroughly, the starter should then be immersed in light oil for at least 2 hours. Drain the oil, replace the cap and operate the starter on an engine a number of times to disperse any remaining oil or water and to ensure the starter still functions. Re-coat with wax / grease. Cord wound starters should be left to dry thoroughly and the metal parts treated with a light oil and then operated a number of times to disperse any remaining liquid in the starter.

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