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Kineteco Simms SZ-Drive Series Spring Starter

Kineteco Simms SZ-Drive Series Spring Starter

Simms Spring starter reliability – Z drive flexibility for smaller enginessimms

The SZ series spring starters are ideal for engines with restricted block clearance or light flywheel. Designed for engines from 0.6 litre to 6 litres displacement, with its flexible Z-drive gearbox, the SZ series can be configured to give greater engine clearance.

Their rugged steel construction, based on the tried and tested Simms spring starter makes the Z-drive spring starter suitable for a wide range of applications in difficult environments, including pumps, generators, compressors and mining equipment.

The Z-drive spring starter has a manual engage and trip mechanism and detachable crank wind, so that the operator can determine the pace at which the spring starter is wound.

The SZ series bolts directly into the standard starter pocket on the engine. Given the correct engine configuration, all of the electrics can be dispensed with.

Fitting takes a few minutes, and operation of the starter is extremely easy and safe with no danger of kickback. You can take your time to wind the starter and trip it when you are ready.

  • Rugged steel construction
  • Z-drive to fit smaller engines with restricted block clearance Smooth action 
  • Powerspring for easy starting action
  • Standard Simms nosepieces with manual engagement and trip mechanism
  • Standard Simms crank wind with detachable handle
  • Variable wind and back wind
  • Reverse rotation and marine options available

    Click here to download a pdf version of Simms SZ series Spring Starter specifications

Simms SZ Series Spring Starter Typical Dimensions

SZ spring starter dimensions

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