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Kineteco Simms Z-Drive Series Spring Starter

Kineteco Simms Z-Drive Series Spring Starter

Z-Drive Spring Starter 

Our Z-drive range of spring starters is uniqueKineteco-Simms-Z-Series-spring-starter

They are the first spring starters to have a gearbox built in between the power pack and the nosepiece.

The arrangement of the gearbox flanges allows the nosepiece and powerpack to be rotated separately. This means that the starter can be positioned in many different ways, depending on the application requirements.

The advantages are:

  • The main body of the spring starter can be offset away from the engine or other obstruction. The Z-drive can then be configured to fit the many engines where there is no room for a standard Spring Starter. Alternatively, it allows us to fit a larger powerpack than previously, either to start larger engines or to allow starting of engines at lower temperatures.
  • Alternative gearing can be specified depending on engine characteristics, which can vary widely even with similar capacity engines. Configurations can differ between lumpy, single-cylinder engine with heavy flywheels requiring high torque starter to more evenly cranking models with far lighter flywheels, which would benefit from more turns for reliable starting.  In addition, some applications may require a higher torque gearing due to parasitic loads from ancillaries on the engine at startup.

The Z-Drive range includes the steel bodied Simms SZ series and the heavy duty Simms SZH starters for engines up to 2.5 litres/cylinder.

Simms SZ

High Power Simms SZH

Simms SZ SZH2

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