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 Ingersoll Rand Starter Accessories

Relay Valves

Ingersoll-Rand Relay Valves provide immediate response to assure Air Starter disengagement and prevent damage to the pinion or flywheel ring gear. The aluminum die cast housing resists abrasion and corrosion while the stainless steel piston return spring will not rust from moisture in the air line

Key Features

Maximum Operating Pressure = 225 psi (15.5 bar)

Operating Temperature Range = -20 to 250°F (-29 to 121°C)

Flow/ Pressure Drop shown on CSR-352:Cv= 28.5

Model Inlet / Outlet NPT Weight lbs (Kg) Description
SRV100 1" – 1" 3.10 (1.41.) 3BMG, 5BMG, 33175G Relay Value
SRV125 1-1/4" – 1-1/4" 2.90 (1.32) 150BM, SS350G, 150T Relay Valve
SRV125T 1-1/4" – 1-1/4" 2.90 (1.32) 150BM, SS350G, 150T Relay Valve for Transportation
SRV150 1-1/2" – 1-1/2" 2.70 (1.22) SS800, ST700, ST900, ST600 Relay Valve
SRV150SS 1-1/2" – 1-1/2" 2.70 (1.22) SS800, ST700, ST900, ST600 Relay Valve
SRV125F 1-1/4" Flanged 7.40 (3.36) 150T/150BM Transportation Relay/ Solenoid Valve


Air Strainers

IR strainers are used in the air line to assure long starter life where air or gas is contaminated. The strainer screens the starter air utilizing a 300-mesh element reinforced on two sides by a 20-mesh internal stainless steel screen to ensure air integrity.

Model Inlet/Oulet (NPT) Weight lbs (Kg) Replacement Element Model No. Description
ST900-267-16 1" – 1" 3 (1.36) ST900-266-16 3BMG, 5BMG, SS175G Strainer
ST900-267-24 1-1/2" – 1-1/2" 8 (3.36) ST900-266-24 150BM, SS350G, 150T, ST400 Strainer
ST900-267-32 2" – 2" 12.50 (5.67) ST900-266-32 SS800, ST700, ST900, ST600 Strainer
ST900-267-64 4" – 4" 60 (27.24) ST900-266-64 SS800, ST700, ST900, ST600 Strainer











Stainless Steel Air Strainers

IR strainers are used in the air line to assure long starter life where air or gas is contaminated. The stainless steel strainers utilize a 40 mesh element making them ideal for the new ST1000 and for our popular line of vane starters.


Model Inlet/Oulet (NPT) Replacement Element Model No. Description
ST1000-267-24 1-1/2" ST1000-266-24 ST1000, SS800, 150BM, SS350 Strainer (40 mesh)
ST1000-267-32 2" ST1000-266-32 ST1000, SS800 Strainer (40 mesh)
Solenoid Control Valves
These DC electrically actuated valves are designed for pilot operation of the IR relay valve and are approved for applications affected by the U.S. Department of Transportation safety codes.

Key Features

Valve Type Three-way nrmally closed Cv Factor: 0.21

Power Consumption: 25 watts

Model Inlet/Oulet (NPT) Voltage Weight lbs (Kg) Description
50BMP-1051B 1/4" – 1/4" 12 volt 1.95 (.88) 24" (61 cm) Long wire leads
150BMP-2451B 1/4" – 1/4" 24 volt 1.95 (.88) 24" (61 cm) Long wire leads
150BMP-6451 1/4" – 1/4" 64 volt 1.95 (.88) 24" (61 cm) Long wire leads
150BMP-A105C 1/4" – 1/4" 12 volt 1.95 (.88) Pioneer Connector Lead












One Shot Lubricators

These small, rugged one-shot lubrication devices dispense a controlled amount of lubricant each time the air starter is engaged. Attached directly to the starter, these lubricators are self-priming lubrication pumps, which can draw oil from as far away as four feet.

Key Features

Operating Temperature: -30°F to 250°F (-34°C to 121°C)

Operating Air Pressure Range: 40 to 250 psi (2.8 to 17.2 bar)

Operating Lube Pressure: 0-50 psi





RR Series Regulator Relay Values

Ingersoll Rand regulator relay valves combine the features of a pressure regulator and a solenoid controlled relay valve in one compact device. This combined unit can be mounted directly to the starter, simplifying your piping system.

Key Features

Combines the functionality of a pressure regulator and a relay valve

Includes solenoid valve with manual override feature Mounts directly to starter

Max. inlet pressure: 30 bar (435 psi)

Max. outlet pressure: 10 bar (145 psi)

                                                            Voltage: 24 volts DC





Pressure Regulators

Ingersoll Rand pressure regulators are rated to 450psi (31 bar) and are high flow (2200 scfm at 150 psi) ensuring maximum performance of your start system.

Key Features

Fluid: Compressed air

Type: Relieving, non-bleeding

Ports: 1-1/2" or 2"






Push Button Control Valves

The IR manually actuated push button control valve is designed for pilot operation of the IR relay valve. Simple and reliable, this valve readily mounts in a 7/8” diameter hole on dashboards or control panels. The chrome-plated SMB-G618 valve is available for use in marine, offshore, and natural gas applications, while the brass bodies SMB-618 valve is suitable for air applications only.

Key Features

Operating Temperature Range: -40 to 200°F (-40 to 93.3°C)

Maximum Operating Pressure: 225 psi (15.5 bar)

Model Inlet/Oulet (NPT) Weight lbs (Kg) Description
SMB-618 1/8" – 1/8" .47 (.21) Air-approved Push Button Valve
SMB-G618 1/8" – 1/8" .48 (.21) Gas-approved Push Button Valve








In Line Lubricrators
Key Features

Reservoir: 1/2 Pint Metal

Maximum Operating Temperature = 175°F (79°C)

Maximum Operating Pressure = 250 psi (17.2 bar)

Media: Air, Clean natural gas

Recommended Operating Flow Range at 100 psig (6.9 bar): 160 to 600 scfm (78 to 283 dm 3/s)

Model Inlet/Oulet (NPT) Weight lbs (Kg)
NL-8-8 1/2" – 1/2" 1.70 (.77)
NL-24-8 1-1/2" – 1-1/2" 2.70 (.1.22)







Road Splash Defectors
Constructed of all corrosion-resistant materials, these road splash deflectors are designed to prevent contamination from entering the exhaust port of the starter. Used in applications where a muffler is not required, they allow maximum exhaust air flow for greater starting power and efficiency.
Model Size NPT Description Weight lbs (Kg)
150BM-A735 1-1/4" (31.75mm) 150BM Splash Deflector 0.12 (0.05)
SS350-A735 1-1/2" (38.10mm) SS350 Splash Deflector 0.29 (0.13)
ST500-A735 2" (50.80mm) 150T and St500 Series Splash Deflector .45 (0.20)
SS800-A735 2-1/2" (63.50mm) SS800, SS660, &SM450 Series Splash Deflector .61 (0.28)
Pressure Gauge

With a large readout dial, the air pressure gauge assures the user that sufficient air pressure is available for starting before user shuts off engine. .

Key Features

All models sealed for use in air or gas applications

Offset design for simple mounting

Powerful 80 hp motor

Multiple offset gear ratios: B = 2.18:1; C = 2.53:1; D = 3.44:1




Model Description Weight lbs (Kg) Pressure Range Units of Measure Dial Size Connection Media Accessories Included in Package
150BMP-1064 Dash Mount Gauge 0.3 (.14) 0 to 150 psi PSI and kPa 2.25" (57.2 mm) 1/8" NPTF Male Connection on Back 5/8" Diameter Lamphole and 2 tighten screws on back
150BMP-1064L Standard Industrial Gauge .16 (.07) 0 to 160 psi PSI and bar 2"
(50.8 mm)
1/4" – 18 NPT Male Connection Centered on Bottom N/A
SRV125F-1064 Industrial Gauge .16 (.07) 0 to 300 psi PSI and bar 2.71" (68.8 mm) 1/4" – 18 NPT Male Connection Centered on Bottom N/A















Liquid Sealant
Liquid sealants should always be used to ensure an air-tight system for air and gas applications.







Model Weight lbs. (kg) Description
SMB-431 .18 (.08) 50 cc "Plastic Gasket" For Gas Sealing
SMB-441 .03 (.01) 50 cc PTFE® Sealant For Pipe Threads







Check Values

The 150BMP-1056 is a brass-bodied check valve designed for use in receiver charging systems. It is particularly recommended for vehicular applications. The 150BMP-1054 is a combination check valve/pressure relief valve.


Model NPT (in) Weight lbs (Kg) Description
150BMP-1056 1/2" .37 lb (.16 kg) Check Valve
150BMP-1054 3/4" .1 lb (.04 kg) Combination Pressure Relief / Check Valve
ST400-1056 3/4" .37 lb (.16 kg) Check Valve with O-Ring








Drain Valve






Model Weight lbs (Kg) Description
150BMP-1067 .1 lb (.04 kg) 1/2" NPT Connection

Used to keep air supplies clean and free of water and other contaminants.





Gladhand Coupling

Should air pressure ever be lost, the gladhand makes it simple to pump up your system from any nearby truck.
Model Weight lbs (Kg) NPT(in)
150BMP-1058 .49 lb (.22 kg) 1/2"






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