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PRQ-TS81 Series Gas Turbine Starter Pow-R-Quik_logo

The TS-81 Series are special order only.

Air Or Gas Starter for Gas Turbine Engines TS 81


  • Left hand rotation is counter clockwise when observing starter from the mounting pad end.

           Designed for either single or multiple starter use.


  • Applications include both single and dual shaft stationary gas turbine engines.
  • Rated for starter cutout speeds of 4200 RPM and 8400 RPM. Special gears may be ordered for most other starting requirements.
  • Specified for stationary gas turbine engines with a wide range of torque and RPM starting requirements.
  • Designed to tolerate field conditions that would imbalance higher RPM, turbine type air starters.
  • Operated with interchangeable gears controlling starter cutout speed. Eliminates oil filled, planetary gearbox required with high-speed starters.
  • Simplified operations — Maintenance-free, pre-engagement is standard. Separated drive inserts are interchangeable and may be ordered for most applications.
  • Designed for high RPM, long-duty cycles and extended life with proprietary high performance vanes.
  • Maximum breakaway torque — highly efficient, vane type air motor uses less air flow and provided more breakaway torque than turbine type starters.
  • Designed for maximum mounting flexibility. Housings may be independently positions with respect to each other. Exhaust may be rotated to any one of 12 positions unlike the conventional, single direction starters.
  • Adapted to inlet and exhaust, SAE split flanges are standard. 1 1/2” NPT or SAE “O” Ring Boss threaded connections may be ordered.
  • Varied engine mounts — MS 3327-8S and AND 20002 Type XII S-mounting provisions are standard. Special pads may be ordered.

Model Twin-81 is designed for GE LM 2500 Gas Turbine Engines.

         TS 81             TS 81



Model TS-81 LH1 is designed for Allison 501 Split Shaft Gas Turbine Engines.

Model TS-81 LH2 is designed for Allison 570 and 571 Gas Turbine Engines.

Model Twin-81 is designed for GE LM 2500 Gas Turbine Engines.



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